Hi there, I’m Dr. Moira

My name is Dr. Moira Hanna.  I help entrepreneurs build a profitable business by focusing on 5 key elements: Growth Mindset, Community, Audience, Marketing, and Offer so that they can Do More Good in the world.

How it started…

I was sitting on the stairs leading out to the garage.  My shoes were on, and my jacket and purse were ready, but there I sat.  Hearing me sit down, my husband, Nate, came out of his office, took one look, and said, “You’re stuck, aren’t you?” My answer?  “Yes”.

I wasn’t stuck on the stair itself but in my business.  Nate recognized that look on my face.  I’d been there before.  I didn’t know which of the 18 steps to take or how to put them in order.  I was frozen, leaving me feeling overwhelmed, alone, and nervous.  What would happen if I couldn’t figure out the next step?  What would happen if I couldn’t make my business profitable?

Being a solopreneur means that I am solely responsible for my business’s decisions, processes, systems, and ideas.  That is both exhilarating and terrifying.

I wanted to help entrepreneurs build their businesses with more ease.  I have a Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology with 15+ years of teaching experience, am a Master Certified Health and Wellness Coach, and am a StoryBrand Certified Guide.  I’m a learner, planner, and implementation expert.  I’m a business owner helping other business owners, but taking this next step in my business felt elusive.

I knew that something had to change in my processes or systems to build a profitable business helping other entrepreneurs build profitable businesses.  So I made a decision.  I would complete just one task at a time and not worry specifically about which item I was finishing, but complete something each day.

I took this a step further and set up regular co-working sessions at 6 am with a few colleagues.  We were accountable to one another, set our goal for each 90-minute session, and got to work.  Those simple co-working sessions let us experience growth, forward momentum, and task lists getting checked off with speed.  It didn’t matter which of the 18 tasks got done each day, just that tasks were getting done.  We each made progress and accomplished big goals.

These early morning co-working sessions led to the most critical revelation in my business.  So here it is: You are just one task away from maximizing your profit and unlocking the next stage of your business.

In that transformation, I recognized the importance of accountability, community, and being part of a growth-oriented environment.

I love sharing this with entrepreneurs, working to help them create systems and processes that generate profit and growth.  From co-working sessions to networking events, mastermind days, and simple 15-minute member success calls, the Coaching Hive is creating a growth environment supportive of entrepreneurs.

Why?  Because when you have a space that accepts you for where you are in your journey, the journey is more manageable.  When you have someone to listen to, the burden doesn’t feel so heavy, and the business isn’t so lonely when you have the opportunity to collaborate.

And what happens when you are in a community designed for growth is that you can do more good in the world, whether with your service or product.  The more people you reach, the better their lives will be and the more lasting impact you can have.

This ripple effect is why the Coaching Hive exists and why I run co-working sessions and networking events, plan out mastermind retreats, and respond to late-night questions.  To Do More Good so that YOU can Do More Good.

~Dr. Moira

About the Coaching Hive

The Coaching Hive began to serve one purpose.

Do More Good.

How does the Coaching Hive do this?

We Do More Good by helping Digital Course Creators, like you, to become profitable as you build your business. When you create a profitable and thriving business, you will be able to help more people with your services and products.

Building a business can be lonely, filled with never-ending to-do lists, and a lack of motivation when faced with your home office walls day after day.

At the Coaching Hive, you will become part of a community of entrepreneurs with whom to spend your work day, get feedback on your latest email or offer, and collaborate to boost your business to the next level.

Just because you may be a solopreneur doesn’t mean you have to do it alone.

As the African Proverb says, “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

What do you say?

Would you like to impact more lives?
Be a catalyst for change?
Be a guide for your customers and clients?
Would you like to Do More Good in the world?

Join the Coaching Hive community today, where purpose becomes a reality.

Our company strives to serve and guide with an eye toward giving back in communities around the world.

When the Coaching Hive first started, one thing that has always driven us is to give back.  We are a heart-centered company that looks at service as a responsibility and a privilege.  As we are still in the early years of the business, our giving may seem small, a thank you note here, 10 books there, but they are given from the heart and with a focus to the future where we are able to do more and give more. After all, the Coaching Hive motto is Do More Good.

Core Values

Be You.
Enjoy Life.

Be You.

At the Coaching Hive, we honor each person’s uniqueness.  You are never asked to be someone you aren’t.  In fact, you should celebrate who you are.  In this case, Dr. Moira loves going down slides at the park with her son and husband.

Enjoy Life.  

Life is too short to do anything but enjoy life.  That doesn’t mean that each day is easy or fun, but overall the equation should point to enjoyment.  This is yet another reason why we guide and mentor coaches during their journey so that they can also enjoy life.


Everything at the Coaching Hive is backed by research, science, experience, and case studies. Learning and education are among my top values and strengths. You can see just a little glimpse into that side of my life below:

  • M.S. and Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology (workplace psychology)
  • 15+ years teaching/training in 2- and 4-year colleges
  • StoryBrand Certified Guide
  • National Board Certified and Master Certified Health and Wellness Coach
  • Quiz Builder and Assessment Expert