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Who We Are & How We Can Help

I’m so happy you are here. This is the home of the Coaching Hive by Be Healthy, LLC. In the Coaching Hive we work as a community to collaborate,  learn, and grow, while staying focused on what is important. Part of building a successful health coaching business is learning about the topics that matter the most.  The challenge is to do this without getting lost in a rabbit hole. Over the past 6 years, working with over 400 health coaches, I have consistently heard stories of completing certificate after certificate, without really getting started. Believe me, certificates and education are important, but they shouldn’t stop you from building your business.

The Health Coach Catalyst Program guides you on a journey from being hesitant about next steps to finding your vision, working with peer and mentor support, and participating in focused learning opportunities.  We take important topics, learn about them in a succinct and organized way, and provide ideas for how you can implement this new information into your coaching toolkit.

Regardless of whether you are coaching within an established organization or building your own thriving private coaching practice, if you love to learn, this is the place for you!

4 ways to get involved and find solutions

Weekly Podcast

Each month, the Coaching Hive podcast will highlight one key topic divided into brief episodes.  From interviews to challenges to a look at the research, you are sure to find a topic that fits your needs.  Each episode will inspire you to take action in your business today.

If you’d like a weekly reminder and debrief about the podcast episode, be sure to join the Coaching Hive wait list to stay up-to-date on all happenings.

Connecting on Social Media

Each week we will collaborate and offer ideas on a variety of social media platforms to put the podcast topic into action within your coaching business.  I’ll be here to answer questions as you learn, highlight key articles of interest, and provide motivation.

Click on a platform icon to connect.


(Coming Soon!)

Periodically, courses will be offered as a stand alone bundle that may be purchased. Choose the courses that fit your needs. Each course will be thoughtfully designed with a scaffolded approach to learning.  You will see course goals, purposeful content, and examples.  There will also be opportunities to think about how you can use the information to support your health coaching business.

The Coaching Hive Membership

If you are looking for more hands-on guidance and support, the Coaching Hive membership is the place for you. You will have access to our monthly MasterClass, MasterClass Discussion Call, Mentoring call, off social community, and much more.

Ready to Move from Hesitant to Committed with your Coaching?

We’ve got you covered. Join the Coaching Hive membership to access…

2 Quarterly MasterClasses complete with a book recommendation and action items.

A printable plan for the month based on the focus topic.

Articles, resources, ideas, and plans for moving forward.

Community of like-minded coaches looking to grow their business and build professional relationships.

Live MasterClass Discussion Calls, Monthly Mentoring Calls, Implementation Months, and much more.

Are you a health coach ready for action?