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Does your health coaching business need a tune-up?

Growing your Health Coaching Business should not take years of overwhelm, frustration, and endless programs only to be left without an income.

Without a Vision, Peer Support, Knowledgeable Mentor, and a clear Blueprint, you’ll experience…
A business that does not earn income
Difficulty attracting the right clients
No, slow, or inefficient growth
Overwhelm with learning choices
Lack of direction

You don’t have to build a profitable health coaching business alone.  In fact, no health coach should have to build their business in isolation. Join the Coaching Hive and get a clear blueprint to building the profitable business that you envisioned when you completed your certification. You won’t just have the certificate – you’ll actually have a business that excites you and offers fulfillment.

The Coaching Hive is your place to thrive.

For as little as $1.42/day you can grow your business with…

On-Demand MasterClasses​

Overwhelmed with options for learning your coaching craft? The ever-growing library of on-demand MasterClasses takes a progress-driven learning approach so that you can get back to doing what you do best - coaching.

Live Monthly Mentoring

Feeling stuck with too many options or unanswered questions? Twice a month, Dr. Moira hosts members-only mentoring Zoom calls to address your specific challenges and questions. With clarity you become a stronger guide.

Peer Community

It is easy to get isolated as you build a business. The thriving peer community of the Coaching Hive fosters connections, collaboration, brainstorming, and problem-solving. You are never alone in building your business with your peers ready to offer a helping hand.

Are you ready to unlock the doors to your coaching business?

Have you ever been on a vacation?

If you have, then you’ll understand what I’m about to share.

When getting ready to go on a vacation, I’m hyper vigilant about making sure everything is locked up. I double-check the doors and windows. I check “all the things” before we go away. Part of that process is that I always make sure I have a key to anything that I have locked before I walk out of the house.

My parents live about a mile away from us and when they go away, I go over and check on the house, water the plants, and generally make sure that everything is ok. Now one time I did too good of a job in checking on things. One time I locked my parents out of their house. They are security conscious as well, but they hadn’t locked the doorknob lock, just the deadbolt going from the garage into the house. They didn’t have a key to the doorknob with them because they hadn’t expected it to be locked.

They couldn’t get into their house. Even though they own the house, they hold the deed, they couldn’t get into what was rightfully theirs. Before you wonder, they did have a front door key and were able to get in after unearthing that key. The point here is that sometimes we can lock ourselves out of what is rightfully ours….or in my parents case, they let someone else, me, lock them out of what was rightfully theirs.

Why do I tell you this?

I hope the Coaching Hive will unlock a new level in your business. One to which you have rightful access, but maybe the door is currently locked without a ready key. Whether the door is locked by you or by others who have influenced the stories you tell yourself, it is time to unlock it and take those next steps in your business.

The Coaching Hive is all about accessing those locked doors and gaining a new awareness of the opportunities that exist all around. It is about building your health coaching business in a way that will be profitable and sustainable without the overwhelm and chaos. It is about making your career your own, whether that means working full time for another coaching company, part time as a coach, or as a full-time entrepreneur.

What steps will you take today to unlock your coaching career?

Step 1: Get Access

Subscribe to get access to on-demand MasterClasses, live coaching and mentoring events, a peer community, and exclusive access to pre-release courses. Cancel anytime.

Step 2: Master Your Coaching Business

There are 3 parts to every health coaching business. A Mindful Vision, Progress-Driven Learning, and a Mentor and Peer Community. I’ll help you integrate each into your health coaching business.

Step 3: Grow Your Business

Building a coaching business you love isn’t hard. You just need a guide. Get access to the Coaching Hive and become a part of a group of compassionate, driven coaches to walk alongside you.

If you are ready to explore the opportunities, seek guidance from a mentor, learn with your peers, and maybe even develop a few partnerships along the way, I’d like to invite you to join the Coaching Hive today.

How can you experience growth, clarity, and simplicity in your business?

There are so many options out there – books, podcasts, training programs, templates, groups – that it is easy to get drawn into them all. Some of them will offer you a quick fix and others look great on the surface, but lack the depth necessary to get you where you want to be in your business.

What do you actually need to create a health coaching business that you love and is successful? The Coaching Hive is all about guiding you to make the choices you need to make, taking action, and building your confidence and commitment in a way that honors your unique path.

When you have a clear grasp of your Mindful Vision, begin to grow your peer community, engage in Progress-Driven learning, and form a relationship with your mentor, your business will become something you look forward to working in instead of something that you must work on.

The on-demand MasterClasses inside the Coaching Hive take everyday topics like group coaching, mindfulness, and getting unstuck and present them from a unique perspective. With a blend of peer-reviewed literature, popular book references, and 15 years of experience in higher education, Dr. Moira invites you to take a new and fresh look at these topics. In refreshing your perspective, you are better able to guide your clients, understand what they may be experiencing, and build your skills and approach with more intention and progress. New MasterClasses are being added each quarter and include book club conversations to further enhance the MasterClass experience.

When you pair the MasterClass experience with your Mindful Vision, carefully crafted with 8 core components, you begin to build a business that gets you excited. But it doesn’t stop there. When building a business you need support. Our mentor opportunities and peer community make the Coaching Hive an unparalleled place to grow, learn, and connect.

Don’t settle for spinning your wheels alone, wondering what to do next, or how to handle that tricky client conversation. Get access to the Coaching Hive today and watch your coaching business flourish with simplicity, clarity, and vision.

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With this free plan you'll walk away with a clear plan, feeling energized to learn and explore new tools, skills, and opportunities for your health coaching practice.

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Discover how to build, grow, and scale your business so that you can navigate with simplicity, clarity, and focus.

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