About the Coaching Hive

The Coaching Hive began to serve one main purpose.  

Help the world have more active, committed health coaches.  

I know, you may be thinking, how does the Coaching Hive help with that if you don’t train health coaches.

That is a good question.  There are many fantastic health coach training programs out there graduating thousands of health coaches a year.  They have the training down to a science and it is rooted in science.  Why mess with something that is working?

Instead, the Coaching Hive looks to bridge the gap between training and thriving business. There is a disconnect that happens when health coaches leave their training program and start seeking to build their business, especially in a world that is driven by social media.

Coaches need a mindful vision, inspiring guidance, and progress-driven learning to make their dream of becoming an active health become their reality. 

When the Coaching Hive mentors and guides health coaches to this reality, the world will have more active, committed health coaches to serve and guide our next generation.  Our purpose becomes reality and those around us will benefit from the wisdom, training, and compassion that health coaches bring to the table.

African Proverb: "If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

Our company strives to serve and guide with an eye toward giving back in communities around the world.

When the Coaching Hive first started, one thing that has always driven us is to give back.  We are a heart-centered company that looks at service as a responsibility and a privilege.  As we are still in the early years of the business, our giving may seem small, a thank you note here, 10 books there, but they are given from the heart and with a focus to the future where we are able to do more and give more.

Core Values

Be You.
Enjoy Life.

At the Coaching Hive, we honor each person’s uniqueness.  You are never asked to be someone you aren’t.  In fact, you should celebrate who you are.  In this case, Dr. Moira loves going down slides at the park with her son and husband.

Enjoy Life.  

Life is too short to do anything but enjoy life.  That doesn’t mean that each day is easy or fun, but overall the equation should point to enjoyment.  This is yet another reason why we guide and mentor coaches during their journey so that they can also enjoy life.

Meet Dr. Moira Hanna

Coaching Hive Founder and CEO

Dr. Moira is a Nationally Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach and Master Certified Health Coach, with a health coaching practice in Upstate SC since 2012. She has a Master of Science in Applied Psychology and Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from Clemson University. 

She has nearly 15 years of experience as a higher education Psychology professor, adviser, and mentor. Moira was an instructor with the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute from 2015-2021 and guided over 500 coaches through the Advanced Coach Training and Techniques Course. 

Her educational background includes graduate level course work in emotional intelligence, motivation, judgment and decision making, training, evaluation and goal setting, advanced social psychology, psychological tests and measurements, occupational health, individual difference, research design, and quantitative methods.

In her free time, Moira spends time with her family and friends. Alongside her husband and son, she enjoys getting outside, playing, and generally enjoying the moment. Although Moira enjoys an active lifestyle, she is always ready to rest and relax with a good book, the cat and the dog.

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