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#54: Uniquely Yours: Plan for Contentment

What will happen if you have contentment built into your business each day? You can experience a business filled with ease, joy, and satisfaction. Listen for 3 steps to building more contentment into your business today.

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#53: Uniquely Yours: Create Your Own Path

When building your coaching business, focus on your path first and foremost. The real question behind this concept is how do you build a business that you love day after day, month after month, and year after year?

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#52: Time in Perspective: Staying Anchored

You can have your priorities, your pillars, your backlog, the yes and ideas overflow tasks all nicely sorted, but then a new opportunity pops up. What do you do? Do you say yes and throw everything out of whack or do you say no to preserve the order?

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#50: Time in Perspective: Saying No Using Agile

When you are building a coaching business, it is easy to say yes just for the opportunity something presents. You are willing to try out anything just to make progress. What if I said, saying “no” will actually create more progress than saying “yes”?

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#47: Vision and Planning: Quarterly Goals

Don’t let the shake-ups from the past 2 years derail your planning. Use this opportunity to explore a new way of planning. One that is flexible and hinges on crafting multiple avenues to your big annual pillars.

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#46: Vision and Planning: The Big Goals

So many people have an unruly list of big goals for the upcoming year and find that list doesn’t really work. Today’s episode will walk you through the first step of a 3-step process for creating doable and achievable pillars for 2022.

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