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#60: Live Mentoring: Refining Your Offer

As an entrepreneur sharing your offer is key to gaining clients, but it isn’t always easy. In this conversation, Julie is thinking about how to share her workshops as potential professional development opportunities.

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#59: Live Mentoring: Building a Brand

Building a business is more than just getting that certificate and posting on social media. In fact, it can take time to really build a brand and decide what works best for you and your family. It also means getting outside your comfort zone and tackling new outlets for connection.

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#58: Live Mentoring: Flexibility

Even when you have a daily rhythm, life can happen and that is where flexibility is key. Part of flexibility is remembering to not let that inner voice, the chatter, take over when things don’t go quite as planned.

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#57: Live Mentoring: Finding Your Rhythm

What would your health coaching business look like with more rhythm to your day? Would you be more at ease and productive? Listen in to this mentoring session to learn more about how Coach Julie is creating rhythm for her day.

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#56: Uniquely Yours: Find Freedom

When you have freedom to do the things you want to do in life, what will your coaching business look like? What must happen for you to enjoy this kind of flexibility?

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#54: Uniquely Yours: Plan for Contentment

What will happen if you have contentment built into your business each day? You can experience a business filled with ease, joy, and satisfaction. Listen for 3 steps to building more contentment into your business today.

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#53: Uniquely Yours: Create Your Own Path

When building your coaching business, focus on your path first and foremost. The real question behind this concept is how do you build a business that you love day after day, month after month, and year after year?

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#52: Time in Perspective: Staying Anchored

You can have your priorities, your pillars, your backlog, the yes and ideas overflow tasks all nicely sorted, but then a new opportunity pops up. What do you do? Do you say yes and throw everything out of whack or do you say no to preserve the order?

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