#24: Communication: Awakening Affirmations

I receive so many questions about affirmations, with two main questions popping up frequently. The first is to find out WHY they are so important and the second is HOW to make them easier. Today we tackle those questions.

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#23: Communication: Quite a Question

Often you are faced with asking the right question of a client, fellow coach, mentor, employee, or even someone in your family. You can feel frustrated that they misunderstand the question. Learn how asking “quite a question” minimizes this concern and others.

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#21: Embracing Change: How to Take Control of Your Schedule

What would happen if you had a magic wand that could give you the power to manage your schedule in a way that you still got your work done, you had time for friends, family and important experiences in life without getting exhausted? Would you approach your health coaching career with commitment and confidence?

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#20: Embracing Change: Becoming a Health Coach

What if families were able to create a balanced lifestyle that allowed for down-time, fun time, rest, activity, intellectual and emotional stimulation, time to be spiritual, and time to pursue hobbies? This is what would happen if health coaches were accessible to all.

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