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#36: Getting Unstuck

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Coaching Hive
#36: Getting Unstuck


This past week was open enrollment for the Coaching Hive and throughout the week I shared several ideas on social media, and there was one IG Live that focused on getting unstuck, which happens to be the Coaching Hive focus for October and I wanted to share this conversation with you.  I hope that you are able to gain one idea for your health coaching journey for those times when you feel stuck.

Music and Intro

I’m Dr. Moira. I’m a college professor, instructor, coach, and passionate mentor to health coaches around the world. But I haven’t always been that confident and committed to my coaching career. I was hesitant to take the next step and wasn’t sure what the best approach was to success and fulfillment. I decided to step into my passion and purpose of guiding health coaches on their journey from hesitant health coach to committed health coach, with a unique approach to coach growth, the Coaching Hive Blueprint combines creating a mindful vision with inspiring guidance and progress-driven learning. The coaching hive podcast is your glimpse into the concepts, ideas, and approaches that underscore the coaching hive while giving you the opportunity to implement tools and tips along the way. Are you ready to dive into today’s podcast, then let’s go and remember that this podcast is family-friendly, so go ahead and play it through your speakers.

IG Live Conversation

Are you feeling stuck in your health coaching journey?  The Coaching Hive members are wrapping up Implementation Month in the Coaching Hive and feeling stuck and frustrated is common as you are building a coaching career, but it doesn’t have to be that way and that is one of the things that we work on in Implementation month.  

Let me ask you a question.  Would you rather feel hesitant and stuck or committed and confident?

I bet I know the answer.  Committed and Confident.  There is nothing wrong with being stuck and frustrated, but if you stay in that space it can keep you from the career of your dreams and even worse, that ripple effect as you help clients won’t happen. Lets face it, most health coaches get into this career because they have a passion for helping the world be a healthier place. Is that you?  Do you want to help the world be a healthier place, but you feel stuck?  Let me know in the comments.

And I’m going to share a few ideas that have helped the Coaching Hive members get unstuck.  Now I have to be honest every time I say get unstuck I think of the book “Little Blue Truck”  and how they all work to get the truck unstuck from the muck.  Imagine this live being me helping you get unstuck from the muck because the world needs more health coaches.  It is difficult to navigate healthy living these days and finding balance in our lives, right?  In fact, this is a big reason that I created the Coaching Hive Blueprint because getting stuck is so common in health coaching and it doesn’t have to be.

So, would you like to hear a few ideas that might help you right now?

First up.  I want you to really think about why you are feeling stuck.  Is it external expectations?  Internal expectations?  Perhaps you don’t know what direction to travel in first.  I have worked with a lot of coaches who get started with great enthusiasm and passion and find they are stuck so they attack all sides of the problem.  They purchase programs, templates, get involved in all kinds of social media groups and what happens is that the overwhelm, confusion, and frustration grow with each new addition to their toolbox.

Why does this happen?  When you are focusing on too many things you can’t focus on the right things.  What if, instead of pursuing everything, you pursue one thing.  One concentrated thing at a time. Your focus is progress-driven, whether it is mastering social media, connecting with your ideal coaching client or learning a new skill, tool, or concept.

What can you imagine happening when you wake up each day and try just one thing instead of all the things?  Have you ever tried that before?  What happened?  I’d love to hear your stories and experiences because that simple shift is powerful.

A lot of the frustration and feeling of stuck does come back to mindset.  On my desk I have a stack of business size cards that contain affirmations.  Depending on the day and what is going on in my life, I will shift those around so that they are more meaningful to me that day.  So another idea is to get inspired each and every day.  One great way to do this is by building relationships.  I had the opportunity to sit down with best-selling author, Amy McLaren on Monday night and she reinforced that idea of creating authentic connections and relationships.  That is where the magic happens and let’s face it, we are so much better together.

My challenge to you is to think about how you can shift your mindset to one of possibility and opportunity.  It is something that I find needs constant love and attention, just like a newborn.  We wouldn’t leave a newborn in the corner to figure life out on their own.  That would be horrible.  Just like you wouldn’t neglect a newborn’s needs, you have to nourish and nurture your mindset each and every day.

What are some things you can do to nurture your mindset?  I’ll share a few of my favorites as you think and pop them into the comments.  I love to read books – by learning and growing with intention, I automatically feel more positive.  I have a handful of podcasts that are uplifting while being incredibly to the point and down to earth with the information being shared.  Are you guessing that I like opportunities that serve many purposes?  I’m careful with my time.  I also make sure to check in with my mentors and peer community when things get tricky. I’ll admit, this isn’t easy.  My natural instinct is to withdraw and keep the challenges quiet.  But there is so much to be said for connecting and leaning in.  Those are my top 3 go-tos right now, but they do shift depending on the season of life.  

What ideas do you have for nurturing your mindset?  Actually I’ll share another one that just came up in a book club conversation this week.  Write down what you have accomplished.  We tend to focus on what we haven’t done and forget what we have done.

OK, so let me ask you one more time.  Do you want to feel stuck and frustrated as your normal state or do you want to be committed to your health coaching career and confident in your capabilities?  To recap, try exploring why you are feeling stuck, focus on just one thing at a time, and shift your mindset to one of opportunity.

Now this isn’t a magic fix, but it does help you to take action and make progress, which is what the Coaching Hive is all about.  

Let me know what questions you have about getting unstuck and I’ll do my best to answer them.


What do you think about these ideas for getting unstuck? Thinking about why you’re feeling stuck, focusing on just one thing at a time and shifting your mindset to one of opportunity. In our son’s homeschooling this week, we are reading a book called A Single Shard. In the book, the child gains some wisdom and the person told him to take the journey one step at a time to tell his body. It was just over that mountain or down that path or through that one town and in doing so, what seemed big and unachievable becomes simpler; much more doable. What if we all approached our coaching careers with that mindset, taking it one step at a time, focusing on just one step at a time, one thing at a time, and knowing that your one thing may be different from someone else’s one thing right now? As you reflect this week, I encourage you to explore what is one thing that needs your focus and attention right now. And then focus on that one thing. Notice what happens, notice the progress that you can make and the movement that you feel in your coaching journey until then enjoy, have a great week. And I’ll see you back here next week for another episode of the Coaching Hive podcast. Thank you so much for listening.

~ Dr. Moira

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