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#96: Getting Unstuck in Your Business

What does it mean to be stuck? For many of us, it can feel like we’re stuck in a rut. We’re not sure how to move forward or what to do next. Whatever the reason, feeling stuck can be frustrating and discouraging. But it’s important to remember that it’s not permanent.

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#93: Pivoting in Your Business

Pivoting is a normal and natural part of business that can be made easier by looking at the data, looking in your heart, and keeping your clients in mind as you make changes.

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#90: The Next Step

Focus. Execute. Deliver. Solopreneurship doesn’t have to be a messy stack of sticky notes that just grows and grows with no relief in sight.

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#88: Facilitating Live Calls

With so many aspects of business happening online, how do you connect with members, clients, and colleagues? What platforms simplify things? What do you actually need for your business? What best practices should you be following?

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