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#65: Coaching Hive Blueprint: The Secret Sauce

What do micro-decisions and blueprints have in common? They are the key factors in building, growing, and scaling a sustainable and profitable health coaching business. In fact, they are the secret sauce that successful business owners incorporate into their way of life.

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#64: Live Mentoring: The Brain Dump

As a business owner it is easy to get stuck, experience indecision, or feel the weight of decision fatigue. Sometimes a simple brain dump is all that is needed to get moving again. This conversation with Anne brings to light the impact of a few simple actions in creating momentum.

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#63: Live Mentoring: Brainstorming Challenges

Have you stopped to really think about what questions your clients have? What they want to know versus what you think they need to know? Answering the question of what a potential client wants to know is the key to a successful lead generator.

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#60: Live Mentoring: Refining Your Offer

As an entrepreneur sharing your offer is key to gaining clients, but it isn’t always easy. In this conversation, Julie is thinking about how to share her workshops as potential professional development opportunities.

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#59: Live Mentoring: Building a Brand

Building a business is more than just getting that certificate and posting on social media. In fact, it can take time to really build a brand and decide what works best for you and your family. It also means getting outside your comfort zone and tackling new outlets for connection.

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