We open the doors for the Coaching Hive in December 2021

Discover the Blueprint that Unlocks Your Future as a Confident and Committed Health Coach

The Coaching Hive guides you from being a Hesitant Health Coach to a Committed and Confident Health Coach using the Coaching Hive Blueprint. With my unique 3-pillar Blueprint methodology you will act without finding yourself bogged down with a long list of “to-do” items. With an emphasis on mindset and self-care you will notice a difference from Day 1.

Approved Continuing Education Provider for NBHWC (The National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching)

Go from Aspiring Health Coach to
Experienced Health Coach

The Coaching Hive Blueprint raises self-awareness and confidence.

Inside the Coaching Hive you will go from a health coach who is feeling overwhelmed, lonely, confused, stuck, worried about the future, and spinning your wheels to one who is calm, empowered, and confident.

Do I have your attention? I don’t know about you, but I much prefer feeling calm, empowered, and confident. It isn’t always easy to master your mindset. If it were, all health coaches would graduate with their certificate and an abundance of commitment and confidence. Instead, it is something that takes time and attention.

As you develop into an Experienced Health Coach within the Coaching Hive, you will enjoy the benefits that a Mindful Vision, Inspiring Guidance, and Progress-Driven Learning can bring to your mindset and progress.

Meet the Coaching Hive Founder

Grab a sneak peak into Dr. Moira’s life

Hi there! I’m Dr. Moira and I have what some might call a portfolio career. I’m a psychology professor, National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Health Coach Instructor, and Coach Mentor.
When I’m not helping highly-motivated individuals — just like you — turn their passions into profits and direction, you can find me playing outside, homeschooling our son, and maybe even surfing Netflix while I snuggle on the couch with my husband if the dog and cat don’t insert themselves into the mix.
I started teaching in Higher Education back in 2008 and noticed that students of all ages and goals needed a mentor and peer community, but this wasn’t easy to find.
I have gone from teaching large lecture halls of college students (which I still do sometimes) to training health coaches in preparation for the NBHWC Board Exam to creating the Coaching Hive with this purpose of making health coaching available to all, one coach at a time.
Making the shift into the health and wellness field allowed me to connect my Ph.D. in Psychology, my love for all things health and wellness, and the pure joy that I get from sitting down and mentoring health and wellness coaches. Now I’m paying it forward by helping you kick-off your own health coaching career with a thoughtful and informed approach! Think you could never make the decision logically?
Think again! Your passions are an asset and your dedication to learning is key. Through the Coaching Hive, I’m going to share with you everything I have learned and seen along my journey to help you accomplish your bigger and better vision!

The Coaching Hive Blueprint Path is Uniquely Yours

That sounds kind of cool and impossible all at once, right?

The Coaching Hive Blueprint is a three-pillar approach to your coaching journey that includes a Mindful Vision, Inspiring Guidance, and Progress-Driven Learning.
You may be wondering why these three pillars, and that is a great question!

A Mindful Vision

is one that is based on your values and dreams for your coaching career. These are uniquely yours and provide the foundation for all decisions that you make in your coaching journey. When you have your Mindful Vision dialed in, you are more focused and confident in the decisions you make and the opportunities you choose to pursue.

Inspiring Guidance

is comprised of a peer community, mentoring, and Masterminds. Without a Mindful Vision, you would not be able to clearly identify the right Inspiring Guidance who will provide that extra dose of motivation, support through the challenges, and celebratory high fives when you experience growth and success. Likewise, without Inspiring Guidance, it can be tricky to know just what is possible and craft an ever growing Mindful Vision.

Progress-Driven Learning

is exactly what it sounds like. You put your learning efforts, time, and resources into the opportunities that will help you make progress, but how do you know what those opportunities will be without a Mindful Vision and Inspiring Guidance? You may have already guessed that Progress-Driven Learning will also inspire you to continue adjusting your Mindful Vision and help you identify Inspiring Guidance along the way.

But above all else…

The Coaching Hive Blueprint is not a “to do” list, and in fact, you will never receive a “to-do” list from me inside the Coaching Hive. Every coach journey is unique, and the Blueprint honors your autonomy to grow in the exact way that is right for you while providing foundational tools, support, and learning opportunities. What you will receive is unconditional support, tough love, commitment, and confidence in your ability (in addition to all the tangibles that come with your Coaching Hive Membership…keep reading…)

Ready to bet on yourself?

MasterClasses, NBHWC Continuing Education Credits, and Mentoring Oh, My!

Dream, Grow, and Know inside the Coaching Hive

The Coaching Hive is designed to be purposeful and offer you Approved Continuing Education Credit for NBHWC certification renewal while working within the Blueprint methodology!

Each quarter of the year will contain a variety of opportunities to dream, grow, and know.

The first two months of each quarter will focus on Progress-Driven learning with two (2) research-based MasterClasses with accompanying interactive discussion calls.

Inspiring Guidance

You will have the opportunity to use the Coaching Hive Inspiring Guidance as you participate in two Coaching Hive Mentoring Calls (one each month).


The last month of the quarter is known as Implementation Month and will be focused on DOING. After all, the Coaching Hive Blueprint is only as successful as the action that follows. Implementation Month will afford you the opportunity to attend an interactive planning and review call as well as a Small Group Mentoring session.


Throughout all of this you have have access to Inspiring Guidance each and every day. In addition to the interactive calls each month, you will also have access each day to the Coaching Hive private, off-social community where you can set your weekly intention, share your wins and ideas, ask for help, and gain inspiration. You will receive peer-to-peer support, inspiration, and honesty in our community.

Is it easier for you to process things in a visual way?

If so, then check out the chart below for a breakdown of opportunities and NBHWC Continuing Education Credits (CEs). When you do the math, you will quickly see that there are approximately 32 hours of possible NBHWC Approved CE Credits available each year!
Having the opportunity for NBHWC CEs within your Coaching Hive membership not only simplifies your renewal, it also keeps your costs low because you will not have to pay petition fees. I have taken the guessing game out of finding approved credits and this frees your time to pursue additional opportunities in your Progress-Driven Learning path without worrying about CE approval.
Are you ready to check out the breakdown of a Coaching Hive Quarter? This format repeats four (4) times per year and all calls are highly interactive!
Opportunity (per quarter) Possible CE Credits/Year*
MasterClasses (2) 8
MasterClass Discussion Calls (2) 8
Mentoring Calls (2) 8
Implementation Month Planning and Review Call 4
Implementation Month Small Group Mentoring Call 4
*NBHWC Approved CE Provider
Combined, the Coaching Hive Blueprint methodology maximizes the benefits of a Mindful Vision, Inspiring Guidance, and Progress-Driven Learning. This is a Blueprint for shedding hesitation and gaining confidence and commitment in your health coaching career.


You may be thinking that you need more and I offer that too. I also offer a Pro Plan, Mentoring Packages, and exclusive to my Coaching Hive members a Mastermind opportunity.

What Our Clients Say

I appreciate you stepping out of your ‘comfort zone’ to mentor us. Your support, dedication, experience and cheering us on as we step out of our comfort zone is priceless!!
Coaching Hive Founding Member
"We've learned so much from you and will continue to."
Coaching Student
"Thank you for leading by example and encouraging us to step outside our comfort zones."
Coaching Hive Book Club Member
"I feel that you are an understanding person, who is brimming with positivity and knowledge. You are also quite easygoing."
Coaching Hive Founding Member
"You are an awesome teacher."
Coaching Hive Founding Member
"You are encouraging and the information you share is relatable and beneficial. You are authentic, and model well the skills you encourage in those you teach and mentor."
Coaching Hive Founding Member
"Your content is easy and simple to understand and follow. You make me feel values as you share your values."
Coaching Hive Founding Member

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers
No! The Coaching Hive Blueprint is designed to meet you where you are at in your journey and then make decisions with your values and vision in mind. When there is alignment you tend to have more satisfaction, commitment, and confidence when you do decide to move forward. During Implementation Month you might choose to focus on something little that has been on the back burner or perhaps you focus on Mindset. There are always options to make progress without feeling like you have to change your entire routine right now.
Doing all the things at once can actually slow you down! If you are so overloaded that by trying to do all the things at once then you aren’t enjoying the little wins, you aren’t making progress because you are spread so thin, and chances are that you aren’t excited to “go to work” each morning. That is the opposite of what the Coaching Hive is all about. I want you to have balance and joy combined with hard work and commitment. That is the magic recipe for success.
While reaching out to healthcare providers is a great way to build your business, it certainly isn’t the only way. If you are feeling hesitant to reach out, go back to your Mindful Vision and explore your values, your dreams for your career, who you want to serve and why. This does one of two things. It boosts your confidence and commitment to forming those partnerships and you go for it if you realize that the hesitation is because this path is not in alignment with where you are headed. So while we will not work specifically on this task inside the Coaching Hive, it does come up in our Mentoring calls and is something that we can explore together.
Yes! Coaches need coaches and community. The Coaching Hive offers both all in one dedicated space. In fact, I work with coaches who work for other organizations and some who are self-employed. Regardless of how you serve (or hope to serve) as a health coach, you will find something for you.
As humans we naturally need support and it makes sense to turn to social media and virtual groups for support. The challenge is that as these groups grow, it can be hard to stay focused and identify what you are looking for. It is difficult to build relationships and lean on your fellow coaches. Inside the Coaching Hive, each opportunity and activity is carefully conceived to be efficient and effective in helping you experience growth and support without the distractions of “the scroll”. This is a big reason our community is off social.

This is a common concern and shows that you also want to bring your best to the membership. I appreciate your honesty. When talking with coaches about this very concern, I often invite them (and you) to explore how you will know when you are confident “enough” or ready “enough” to join the membership.

It has been my experience that members gain considerable confidence when joining the group because the support and structure allow for growth and learning in a safe space. In fact, I would argue that if you aren’t sure you are ready, you are the perfect Coaching Hive Member. You are ready to gain confidence and commitment for your health coaching career.

Now is the perfect time! You have a rare opportunity to be starting with a full support system behind you. You will find that you spend less time spinning your wheels than your non-Coaching Hive Member counterparts. With the Coaching Hive Blueprint, you gain clarity on where you are headed and are held accountable for taking action (in a friendly way of course).

Let me ask you a question, would you rather give it a try on your own or have a full support system at your back each step of the way?

I understand that! Life is busy and some seasons are busier than others. If you are concerned that you will not be able to attend the live calls, they are recorded and placed in our Member’s course vault. This means that you can listen to the calls at your convenience.

The Coaching Hive membership is flexible and you can make use of the resources and opportunities that make the most sense for you with the added knowledge that when you are ready for more, it will be there waiting.

If you think you can find 2-3 hours a month, you will be able to make use of ALL of the Coaching Hive Membership resources!

Having been in online education for over 15 years, this is a very real concern and worry. The great news is that I try to keep life simple. In the Coaching Hive Onboarding course I provide a complete course tour to help you get acclimated to the membership.

The biggest technology that you need to manage is opening a Zoom link for our live, interactive calls each month. For everything else, I will be here to walk you through step-by-step and am always happy to answer questions.

By now you are probably wondering what this will cost each month

Invest in yourself for $1.57/day ($47/month)!

I’m not going to hem and haw about the price. I believe in being up front about everything in the Coaching Hive. So here it is. You can join the Coaching Hive and receive everything you just read about for $47/month or $470/year. That’s it.
Let me break this down for you just a little. You have:
  • 2-3 dedicated hours per month with our calls and content PLUS
  • unlimited community support,
  • daily inspiration, and
  • the opportunity to focus on your coaching journey.
That is less than $10/hour to have continuous support on your coaching journey if you pay monthly. If you pay annually, that hourly cost is even less!

Curious about additional support right from the start?
I’ve got you covered.

The Coaching Hive Pro Membership is $226/quarter or $810/year. In addition to the Coaching Hive Membership benefits, on the third month of each quarter you will have a 1-hour 1:1 mentoring call with me to work through your specific questions and concerns. We will collaborate and create a plan for the upcoming quarter and work through any mindset blocks you might be experiencing. I have limited membership available at the Pro level at any given time to make sure I have time to devote to your needs.

What works best for you?


Coaching Hive Membership
$ 47 Per Month
  • MasterClasses
  • Discussion Calls
  • Group Mentoring Calls
  • Implementation Month Planning and Review Call
  • Implementation Month Small Group Mentoring Call
  • Off-Social Private Community
  • Weekly Email Updates
  • NBHWC CE Credit Certificates Included
$ 470 Per Year


Coaching Hive Membership
$ 226 Per Quarter
  • MasterClasses
  • Discussion Calls
  • Group Mentoring Calls
  • Implementation Month Planning and Review Call
  • Implementation Month Small Group Mentoring Call
  • Off-Social Private Community
  • Weekly Email Updates
  • NBHWC CE Credit Certificates Included
  • Quarterly 1-hour 1:1 Mentoring Call (4/year)
$ 810 Per Year

The Guarantee

That Lets You Sleep Easily At Night!

The fact that you’re reading this section means you already know the Coaching Hive Blueprint will help you gain confidence and momentum in your coaching career, but perhaps you still have a bit of doubt.  Hesitation.  Risk.  I get it.  Like…

“This sounds too good to be true!  How am I supposed to know this is really what I need?”

Well…that’s simple.  Try it.

Test-Drive The Membership for 30 Days

When you enroll, you’ll have 30 days to go through EVERYTHING inside the Coaching Hive, and if for whatever reason…and I mean ANY reason…if you don’t feel like this was the best investment you’ve made into your coaching career, simply email cancel [at] coachinghive.com.  And we’ll gladly refund your entire investment…no questions asked!  I’ll even let you keep the NBHWC CE Certificates that you complete.  Which means yes!  You could totally rip me off here!

Are You Ready to Invest in Your Vision and Career?

Coaching Hive Members are committing to investing in themselves

As a Coaching Hive Member you are committing to your health coaching career and more importantly you are committing to your Mindful Vision of the future. You are showing confidence and willingness to take a step into change, even if it doesn’t feel comfortable.


There are two ways your membership can go. You can go all in and commit yourself to your coaching career, show up, ask questions, get involved in the community, and make progress-driven learning decisions. The coaches who do this will gain clarity, confidence, self-awareness, and traction.


The second scenario goes like this…you choose to do nothing with the materials and opportunities. Maybe life gets busy or stressors strike or perhaps you decide that this isn’t the right fit for you. I get it. You can cancel your monthly membership at any time with a simple email request. This membership and Blueprint are not for everyone and that is ok. I strongly believe that we are all unique humans with unique needs and ways of connecting and learning. I want you to make the right choice for you.


If you like the sound of scenario 1, go ahead and click the button to join today and take a step into your Confident and Committed future as a Health Coach.


I can’t wait to see what you accomplish with the Coaching Hive Blueprint at your back and Inspiring Guidance at your side.
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