What’s the Investment?

How much is it costing you and your coaching career to wait for the perfect moment to take action?  How many potential clients can’t hear your offer because you are experiencing self-doubt?  How many of your workshops are empty or never get launched because you aren’t sure about how to create the necessary connections in your community?  A lack of confidence may already be costing you a great deal and that has a ripple effect in costing your clients the change they desire and can achieve with your help.

The Truth is that Coaching is Challenging

When you earn your certification as a coach it can be frustrating that success and progress doesn’t immediately follow the day after your certificate arrives in your mailbox.  You have worked hard for that certificate and it can feel like something isn’t right.

Let me ease your mind a little.  The truth is, it takes time to build a coaching practice.  Also, it is completely normal to experience doubt along the way.  You are building something that is important to you (and your future clients) and when something is important we are often more critical.  You are not alone.

You need the support of a strong community to become the Confident, Valued, and Fulfilled Coach that you envisioned when you signed up for that coaching certification program.  

The Coaching Hive has the tools you need to build your confidence while also helping you build your business and peer community.